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Pre Purchase Tank Survey

CaptainAR’s marine Captains performed a Pre-purchase Tank Survey at Montevideo, Uruguay, allowing our Client to accurately estimate the real condition of the vessel almost real-time thanks to our innovative online platform.

Our team combined deep-knowledge in the maritime industry with our technology engineers, thus creating a detailed and truthful report of cargo and water ballast tanks, including coating breakdown condition of all cargo, slop and water ballast tanks.

With scrutiny attention during our rounds, CaptainAR crew did by the main deck, we could check the state of maintenance of deck equipment, as well as anchoring system and mooring winch.
We also tested the inert gas venting system, like P/V valves. We could observe deck water seal, No-return valve, Main isolated valve, and P/V Breaker.

«Our crew also verified maneuver for SBM operations, detecting important issues in vessel condition which, if overlooked, would have a direct negative impact in our Client’s critical buy decision.»

Deck water Seal – No-Return valve – Main Isolated Valve

Our just-in-time report also focused on cargo lines, clean oil washing line, seawater line, HFO and DO lines.

By being guided and supervised on land with our team of engineers, our crew onboard continued the inspection in Engine Room, without overlooking crucial components like Main Engine, Aux Engines, Purifiers, Steering Gear, Boiler, Framo Power Packs, and pumps. Of course, including bilge, and hull valves.

Aux Engine nº 3

Since the beginning, our Client can see the report been built online, while getting incremental reviews done by our team, promoting fluently communication and quality of the final report.

Finally, our Client received a Full report online with detailed pictures, recommendations, and several heads up.

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