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We are a digital-maritime native company that leverages the trendiest technologies with state-of-the-art marine engineering to transform organizations in every aspect.

CaptainAR is located next to the fluvial ports with the highest maritime traffic. 


Our approach

We assist our clients in their digital maritime transformation.
We utilize an ecosystem designed to foster creative engineering and successful maritime transformations,
together with a drive to accompany our clients as they remain relevant within their industries and evolve.

Draft Survey

Inspections to determine the amount of cargo that has been loaded or that has been discharged, by comparing the displacements at the beginning and at

Maintenance of Life-Saving devices

We do full-service maintenance of lifesaving devices complying with the IDS Code and SOLAS Chapter III. We also provide the trendiest firefighting and lifesaving products

CaptainAR  offers a comprehensive range of services

to support and optimize your business.

With technological support, we offer a variety of services that can be used either independently

or as packages to augment your existing processes.

We seek to deliver the right blend of innovation and engineering to harness the potential of emerging

technologies and the best marine practices to meet our clients’ needs.

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Our surveyors evenly distribute the weight of the cargo and guarantee an efficient stowage planning.
Our unique tech-assisted approach allows fast and precise evaluation of the conditions of the vessel; before, during and after cargo operations, with online reporting for ship owners, charterers, and crew.

Among the services CaptainAR provides are Draft Survey,  On&Off -Hire Bunker Survey, Condition Survey, Cargo Tanks Inspection, and Sampling.

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