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Maintenance of Life-Saving devices

We do full-service maintenance of lifesaving devices complying with the IDS Code and SOLAS Chapter III.
We also provide the trendiest firefighting and lifesaving products with local and international warranty.

«CaptainAR follow the recommendations of international organizations (IMO) for the testing and evaluation of life-saving devices.»

We are relentless in our belief that by putting customers first we can conquer any challenge and shape the future.
Our customers’ concerns and requirements are paramount for us.
Our team is contactable round-the-clock, even on weekends and holidays.

«Accurate and reliable information is updated to our customers instantly.
We strive to excel in servicing your fleet.»


– Life Raft Annual Inspection
– Firefighting Equipment
– Crane Repairing And Load Testing
– Refrigerator Repair
– Motor Rewinding
– Boiler Repairing

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