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Tank Cleaning assistance

CaptainAR ´s Port Captain assist Master and Chief Officer during Tank Cleaning operations. We check that the operations are done under standards and correct procedures, always maintaining safety first. Tank cleaning method and the cleanliness involved have different standards depending upon the previous cargo and the cargo to be loaded. The most common is the

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Loading Master

CaptainAR loading master represents your interests during loading and unloading at any port, terminal or during Ship To Ship Operations. He is your key link between the vessel, terminal operators and third party surveyors. Our loading masters are effective because they have a thorough understanding of local shore operations and procedures. CaptainAR offers outstanding capabilities

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Port Captain

• Ensure all vessel trading certificates is up to date and compliance to Flag state and Port State Control • We ensure that the company HSQE is carried out on board in accordance to the ISM and ISPS code • Provide competency assessment of all deck officers as per HSQE procedures • Assistance Chieff Officer

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Pre Purchase Tank Survey

CaptainAR's marine Captains performed a Pre-purchase Tank Survey at Montevideo, Uruguay, allowing our Client to accurately estimate the real condition of the vessel almost real-time thanks to our innovative online platform. Our team combined deep-knowledge in the maritime industry with our technology engineers, thus creating a detailed and truthful report of cargo and water ballast tanks, including coating

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Condition Survey

Our Marine Engineers focuses on establishing an accurate and trustworthy online report of Condition Survey, helping our clients to improve the value of their fleet. We enable our clients to move quickly and confidently from strategy to execution, nourishing their buy decision with real and accurate information. CaptainAR's user-friendly Online Platform empower our clients' businesses

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On / Off Hire Bunker Survey

WHAT WE DO Bunker Survey, also known as Bunker Delivery Survey, Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS) or Bunker Stem Survey forms a critical part of preventing bunker delivery losses. Our Surveyors focuses on reducing our clients’ business risks. We enable our clients to check quickly and confidently our Surveyors work, delivering greater accuracy in a shorter

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Draft Survey

Inspections to determine the amount of cargo that has been loaded or that has been discharged, by comparing the displacements at the beginning and at the end of the operations. In these inspections the measurements of drafts should be very careful, since a few centimeters of error can mean a considerable amount of money. Both

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Maintenance of Life-Saving devices

We do full-service maintenance of lifesaving devices complying with the IDS Code and SOLAS Chapter III. We also provide the trendiest firefighting and lifesaving products with local and international warranty. "CaptainAR follow the recommendations of international organizations (IMO) for the testing and evaluation of life-saving devices." We are relentless in our belief that by putting

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